I look out to the vastness of the sky, that infinite blue overhead, and I realize how small and petty my problems are. I realize that the things that weigh me down are but mere specks in the grand scheme of things.

I’m developing this habit of looking up– just tilting my head back, taking a deep breath, and releasing it as I gaze into the sky. I got this habit from a quote I read a long time ago. I can’t remember the exact words but the gist of it was that people look up to the sky because, just as we were made from the exact things stars were made of, so do we yearn to come back to where we were created.

This morning while we were celebrating Sunday Mass, I couldn’t help but avert my eyes from the priest to the view outside. The church where we attend mass has a very modern architectural design. It’s open, breezy, and the windows are huge–perfect for my habit. The view was terribly tempting today because the wind was a soft breeze, the trees were dancing, and the sky was a cool grey. As I stared off into the distance, I felt so small and I’ve never felt so grateful of that fact until today. Most of the things I’m experiencing right now are the “small stuff” and if I get caught up in them, I’ll lose my perspective of things and I’ll get caught up in this small box, forgetting that there is a much grander world outside. I reckon I’ll enjoy my life much more if I recognize that fact–time to enjoy the moment!

So I resolve to let go of all my anchors and start living unburdened by my worries, anger, and insecurities.


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