Sunday brunch @ Greg and Sally Garden Cafe

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I’ve never looked forward to any day as much as Sundays. For many, they’re the worst day of the week because they signal that the weekend has come to an end and the dreaded Monday is but a few hours away. But for the select few, Sunday is the most important day precisely because it’s such a great end to any week.

I confess that for the longest time there was only loathing and disdain for Sundays. As a student, it meant another night of burning the midnight oil just to finish all the homework I’ve pushed back. I could practically taste the grueling week ahead whenever I thought of Sunday evenings.

But ever since my parents made it a point to establish Sunday brunches into a family tradition, I’ve always found myself counting down to the 7th day of the week. Now, I see Sundays in a completely different light. For me, they’re the days when I get to destress and spend the entire morning & afternoon with the best people in the world. It’s when I recount the week’s highlights and listen to my mom, dad, and little sister talk because mealtimes during weekdays are rushed just so we get to have more time for work.

Yesterday we ate at Greg and Sally Tree Garden Cafe in Marikina Heights, Marikina City. It was such a beautiful place–so quaint and homey. I felt immediately at ease, and that’s saying something specially since I’m not the type to relax so easily in strange, public places. The garden was converted to house the restaurant (yup, see the name!) and I particularly loved that about the place. They set up their tables and chairs around the garden to provide for an intimate yet cozy atmosphere, perfect for family brunches!

There was variety in the menu, and I appreciated that. The dishes were simple, comfort food but with their own little twists. For yesterday’s brunch, we ordered the Gourmet Tinapa (Php175), Hungarian Sausage (Php160), Pan Grilled Chicken (Php150), Fish & Chips (Php120), Peppered Steak Junior (Php165) for our mains and the Halo Halo Turon (Php65) for dessert. I’m going to apologize now because we weren’t able to take a picture of the last two dishes, we were so hungry we immediately dug in. Hahaha!

I’m giving their food two thumbs-up because of the hearty serving, the presentation, and the taste of course! Not to mention their dishes were properly priced; it definitely felt like we got our money’s worth. And that says a lot because nowadays restaurants present you with menus filled with fancy named dishes but by the time you’re done, you don’t feel satisfied at all. Added bonus, their staff were very accommodating! It was such a great dining experience.

To end, I’m glad for yesterday. It was a much needed break from all the responsibilities in school and extra-curricular activities like org work. Cheers to Sundays!


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