The things I love most about mornings


I know a lot of people who loathe mornings, and to be honest sometimes I do too. But I’m quite sure that feeling only comes when I have to wake up because I have to go to school. Otherwise, I love mornings. I’ve got to admit that I consider it one of the best moments of the day, and that’s saying something coming from me (I’m a self-confessed night-owl, you see). But again, there’s something about mornings that makes me extremely happy and more importantly, hopeful. So I made a list of the things that make mornings that special for me:

  1. Coffee (always!)
  2. Waking up (yup, I completely forgot how this should’ve been my first priority)
  3. That feeling when it’s too cold and it’s not too warm either, it’s just right, and that means getting to snuggle deeper under my bed covers
  4. Fluttering my lashes, letting the sunshine slowly pass through, and opening my eyes completely
  5. The excitement that comes from deciding what to eat for breakfast
  6. The anticipation that comes with knowing that the world is right before you, full of infinite possibilities
  7. Knowing that you are alive and that you can do just about anything, should you choose it
  8. Reaching for my iPod (or logging into 8tracks) and listening to my favorite playlists
  9. Coming back to bed, trying to get back the last vestiges of last night’s sleep
  10. Coffee, again
  11. A lot more other small things that will make this post longer than I originally intended

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