Their words express those I cannot


  1. Cigarettes look so harmless but then again so did you (via sassyfag)
  2. And it was after months of silence that I realised we make better strangers than we ever did anything else. (via perfect)
  3. And if he wants to leave, let him leave. You are terrifying and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love. (Warsan Shire)
  4. I’m afraid of a lot of things, but mostly, most sincerely, I am afraid of being completely unraveled by you, and you finding nothing you want in here. (via keciasamethystheart)
  5. I am not looking for the kind of love, that forces me to prove my worth (Mandeq Ahmed)
  6. When I first met you, that’s what I remember. I looked up at the sky and thought, I’m going to love this person because even the sky looks different. (Margaret Stohl)
  7. Missing you comes in waves. Tonight I’m drowning. (Hannah Taylor, Waves)

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