Piece 31

I received one of the most terrible “good morning” messages I’ve had in a long time. Seriously, how can people fuck up another person’s morning this much?

There is only a certain amount of frustration that I can take before I snap. And quite possibly I’m thisclose to snapping right now.

There is so much pent-up frustration that I need to let it out in a blog post.

I’m incredibly frustrated at how difficult people find it to move on over a topic, an instance, a small fragment of your relationship. It’s not like I wanted this happen, you know? Because heaven and earth knows that I didn’t. I never wanted for us to drift apart slowly. I never wanted the distance between us. I never wanted for us to find comfort in new friendships because our old one wasn’t available at that moment. It was not my intention for this to happen, okay? And the one thing that frustrates me even more is when they think I belittle the gravity of the situation just because I’m not fussing over it as much as they do. It’s just that I don’t react like that. Just because I don’t react the way they want me to, they feel bad and they feel neglected. It’s not that. My inner devices don’t work the same way yours do. It’s never going to happen and I think if we just accept that little fact, we can all move on.

And I feel like a child right now because I’m resulting to a blog post instead of an actual conversation to let this out. But I just know that if we talk right now we’d only throw hurtful words at each other and then we’d really never get past this.



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