No shit, Sherlock.

Well what can I say about today? 

Hell on earth. That’s what.

I literally cannot comprehend today. Okay fine, so maybe part of it was the result of too much hormones (PMS, if I need to spell this out) but I swear, a part of me remained rational. And that rational side kept telling screaming at me that today was nothing short of a waste of both time. What made today worse was the fact some of my worst pet peeves just magically seemed to appear all at once.

  • the heat (oh dear Lord, if I go into this I might never finish this post) and oh joy, apparently today reached around 36-degrees just please kill me now
  • the queue (honestly, it was worse because I was not the one lining up so there was nothing to occupy my mind –there was just the vastness of my imagination and the heat oh god)
  • the waiting (oh I might have mentioned this already…)
  • the boredom (no seriously, boredom kills)
  • the constant thoughts of what I could have accomplished instead of doing absolutely nothing the entire day
  • oh yeah did I mention the things I could have done instead of just sitting around in the heat doing nothing???

Okay, yes. I had to do this because I’m the older one. I had to do this because I have to lend my support to my younger sister who’s just entering her first year in college. Yada yada yada. No shit, Sherlock.

But seriously? Seriously? Quite possibly, instead of giving my sister the moral support she needs I might have ripped her spirit apart faster than you could say “stop”. All the bad vibes and the bad mojo I was sending her way because I was too fucking annoyed to care was so much worse than just having allowed her to conquer this on her own.

First lesson in college: Independence, baby. Taste the freedom because honestly, you’ll get sick of it in a few years.

Silver lining, eh? Hmm well I got to talk to a friend whom I haven’t seen in months. I was able to talk to a lot of people (postpaid plan, baby) and I might have temporarily brought my texting thumbs back from the dead. I ate pancit canton (does that count? because I don’t think it does). I read a book! But… I was to pissed off to fully appreciate the wonderful insights that came with it.


And concludes my May 6th post, everyone.



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