L-R: Armand, Ciox, Edbert, Ken, Audrey, CJ, me, JR, Meldy, Debbie, AJ, Grace, John B, Jireh
not in the photo: Carmille and John S

UPJPIA, NFJPIA-NCR, and Manila Water Company, in cooperation with Pocari Sweat, present Colorama: a unique take on the conventional fun run! This event is brought to you by KMPG R.G. Manabat & Co. and Runningmate, also by Monster Energy, Walter Bread, Grower’s Nutribar, Red Bull, and Krooberg. Special thanks to Cleanshine Master and Bite Block Daily. We’d also like to thank our official media sponsors ClickTheCity,, DZUP, Play FM 99.5, and Circuit Mag.

There it is –the culmination of all our blood, sweat, and tears. There it is –the fruit of all the hard work and effort these past four months.

I will always be thankful to UPJPIA for giving me the opportunity to be part of the team that made this event possible. I am thankful to the 15 people I have worked with in Colorama because without you, I would probably have stayed stuck in my comfort zone. Thank you for continually challenging me the past months and letting me conquer and face my inhibitions. I am also thankful that I  was given the chance to work with everyone in our team. I admit I was apprehensive because this is the first time we’d be working together but I’ve come to believe that the diversity that we were was one of the deciding factors in our success.

I’ve always said that “this is going to be my last marketing stint” but I humbly take back what I said because though it was hard, though it was challenging, though it broke my heart countless of times, I don’t think I can look back to this experience and not smile fondly at what I’ve achieved with all of you.

Yesterday was definitely bittersweet. On one hand, my chest wanted to burst with pride and exhilaration because our event was the unbelievable success that it was. On the other, I could not help but feel somber because though we had our happy ending it was still an ending and endings are always the hardest part in anything.

photo 1 photo 2

For the curious (and also for my sake because I want to immortalize the experience) here is a list of what took place last Saturday evening and Sunday morning:

  • 9pm: Joined the team preparations. I admit I was late. Preparations began early (like 8 in the morning early) but I had to work on a Finance case with my classmates in the morning. I then went home to catch some zzz’s before I headed back to UP to help with the Colorama Overnight Preparations. And yes, it’s called “overnight” because we really didn’t sleep hahaha! My duty during the event preps was to knot countless of straws to make race markers and to group them in bundles of 50. That took up most of the evening and when we did finish, it was already time to move out.
  • 12mn: Headed to the venue (UP Diliman Acad Oval and AS/Palma Hall Parking Lot) to set up. Setting up the venue for the race was one of the best (but the most stressful, as well) experiences ever because I got to help transform an empty parking lot into the official event venue. Tents were put up, the stage was assembled, and banners were placed all around the area.
  • 1-2am: Stressed over the venue. Probably the biggest source of my stress during that time was deciding where to place the Sponsors’ booths, how to distribute the ex deals, and how to arrange the Sponsor booths so that those with same products aren’t placed side by side.
  • 3am: Met up with the Sponsors for Ingress. And here is one of the highlights of my Marketing stint! Finally, I get to meet the people I’ve been coordinating with for the past months! Shout out to the Marketing team of Monster Energy, Red Bull, KPMG R.G. Manabat & Co., Bite Block Daily, and CleanShine Master. Hello to our wonderful sponsors!
  • 4am-5am: Call-time for Participants. And the chaos begins! This is perhaps the most stressful hour for the Communications team (Meldy, kuya* Ken, and Audrey) because the runners and on-site registrants have begun to arrive. They flock to the Information & Registration booth and voila! the entire team is on their toes. Thank God our event emcees (Kuya* Wes and Ate* Lugille) have taken the stage and have started giving out reminders to the new arrivals.
The Colorama team with our official pose and event poster
  • 5:45am: The Program begins. I don the name tag signifying that I was one of the Event Organizers. Cue the marketing spiel, where I cried the first time it was announced. Here the final reminders are said as well as the orientation for all runners. Warm-up (led by one of UPJPIA’s alumni) also takes place before the first gunshot for the 10k race.
  • 6:10am: The Race officially begins. The first gunshot is heard, and the two others in 15-minute intervals for the 5k and 3k runs. I was assigned at the Water Station with one of my close friends from UPJPIA, ate* Eirene. This is the first time I’d work in the Water Station (incidentally, ate Eirene has been marshaling for the Water Station three times already) and though my responsibility was mainly (or only) to fill up cups with drinking water, I really enjoyed it. And besides, the time I spent there was worth it since I got to talk and bond with ate Eirene hahaha!
  • The Race continues! The concept of our fun run was while the participants race, the event organizers and our volunteers will splash the runners with colored water!! As the runners went around the track, I couldn’t help but swell with pride when I see them smiling, laughing, or just enjoying themselves as the event volunteers splashed them with color!!!!
The 3-man Marketing Department
(but we’re missing one member!)
  • Awarding Ceremony and Closing Remarks. And here is another highlight of my marketing stint! I got to go up the stage… but no, I wasn’t the one who awarded the finishers but I was the one who handed the prizes and medal over to our Event Head, kuya* Ciox as he awarded the winners. It was fulfilling to see the faces of the winners as we handed over product upon product to them as prizes. There were so many their arms were literally full as they went down the stage!
  • 8am-9am: Egress. And they lived happily ever after! The End… or not yet! The Egress was probably one the best moments of the entire event because I got to bond with the Sponsors and I celebrated with the Team and UPJPIA! I’ve got to be honest, we were all bone-tired. And probably, everybody just wanted to go to bed and sleep but the laughter was infectious and before long, we were exchanging stories about what we experienced during the event.

I gazed one last time at the AS Parking Lot and closed my eyes tightly, hoping to somewhat forever brand memories and the emotions onto my mind so I would never forget. I looked over to the Colorama team –we were tired but happiness, pride, and fulfillment shone in our eyes– but as the last of the tents were packed away, I realized that the memories were enough for me.

L-R: Me and Jireh (we miss you, John!)


*Ate and *Kuya: These are Filipino terms placed before a name to indicate that someone is older than you and also as a sign of respect. Ate means “older sister” and is for a lady who is older than you and Kuya means “older brother” is for a gentleman older than yourself.

All photos have been borrowed from my teammate, Audrey Flores. Thank you girl!


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