second nature

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let me breathe you in
eyes, lips, hands, mind, body and soul
let me have it all

Apparently, when something (or in this case, someone) becomes second nature it entails that thing (or person) to become somewhat of an instinct for you because you’ve behaved in such a particular way so often. I think it is one of the greatest compliments to receive when somebody tells you that you’ve become somewhat of a second nature for them. Imagine, you’re an instinct– you have moved on from his mind to his subconscious.

This poem came to me last night; amidst the chaos that was my studies, the words were there and they demanded to be written. I’ve always had a strange fascination with love. And though there was a time when I vehemently rejected the idea (I protested that there was no such thing and I washed my hands off of relationships), the subject has never failed to stir up thoughts and feelings that I would not normally entertain.

In this poem, I wanted to write how love is as a second nature. When it has become so instinctive that it is almost tantamount to breathing. I must admit, I have no experience with the feeling but I can only imagine that when you love someone having his heart is surely not enough for you must have everything– all that he is, all that he was, all that he ever will be. Deep emotions call for depth, do they not?


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