Love is a storm only lovers endure

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Electric kisses
Thund’rous hearts, stars in their eyes
They came and ravaged

To be honest, I have no idea why I wrote this the way I did. Do you ever have those moments when ink just seemed to spill out of your fingertips and you know that you just have to write? Well, this wasn’t what happened to me.

A part of me knew I wanted to write poetry tonight, but my muse didn’t want to come out. I was hard-pressed for which metaphor I wanted to use to describe love. Originally, sex was what I wanted to depict in my poem (although from the words I used, I’d like to think I did manage to do so) because I’ve always likened the way a storm begins, climaxes, and settles down to how sex is.

Halfway through the haiku (I know there are only three lines, but please, indulge me on this one) I realized I wanted things to go beyond the act and extend to the emotion. Love is a storm, there’s no other way I’d describe it. It shakes you up and you’re never really the same once everything settles back in.


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