some emotional bullshit about people calling me fat


“Ang payat mo dati!” (You were so thin before!)
“Tumataba ka ata?” (You seem to be gaining weight, eh?)
“Oh my ang taba mo nga ngayon!” (Oh my you have gained weight!)
“Jubis!” (gay slang for “fat”)

You would wonder, who the hell would say that to someone? Who would utter such vile, filthy words so callously? How do they do it? How can they let their mouths spew such things? Who would do it?

Friends, let me tell you. People you thought cared enough to at least have the decency and the respect for you. But they never did get, and they probably never will. They will never know just how much my heart and my self breaks with each word they utter oh so carelessly, as if these statements were ones you would hear in normal conversations among friends.

So I don’t exactly share that I have EDNOS, so what? It is not an excuse to spew such filth to someone you would consider your friend.

It is never right to call someone fat, or tell her that she gained weight just because it’s the truth. You’re just telling it as you see it? Well, BULLSHIT. FUCK THAT. You were taught manners growing up, were you not? This is simple etiquette — being polite, respecting someone’s person, not overstepping the bounds of your relationship. And you wonder why I recede from your company? Why my affection and my friendship has turned cold? Well, now you know.

Thank you, now I’m more than aware of what I am and what I am not.

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