On love & longing.


It’s so easy to fall in love with an idea, is it not? As compared to when we fall in love with a person, someone who breathes and feels and reacts just like we do.

The thing with falling in love and loving someone as compared to falling in love with an idea is that you would have to multiply the latter a thousand, no maybe a million, times to understand the gravity and the depth of the former. With a person, everything is so much more than it seems. It is more passionate, more demanding, there are complexities buried deep within, and things are much more intense when you fall for someone.

I do not disregard the depth of loving the idea of someone, but one must admit that an idea can only go so far. Everything is limited, calculated, and certain when it is an idea that we fall in love with.

But passion is about the uncertainty, the risk, and the thrill of every new experience that you gain with that person. Love is about discovering new things every single day, and never ever getting your fill because you know that there is so much more to learn.

An idea is static, and eventually the fire of passion we try to shield from the cold wind will die out. We will realize that as we were trying to keep the passion burning, we blew on our hands and fingers to protect it from the cold, and as we blew and blew and blew to keep us warm, we blew too hard and extinguished the fire. But when we love a person, even the fire itself is unpredictable.

Love is not just about giving everything you have, and letting the other experience you. Love is a two-way street, you must experience love to be able to give it. And with an idea, you will never experience love because an idea cannot reciprocate feelings, it just won’t. There is a certain enchantment that comes from falling in love with someone. There is also that magic that will eventually turn that passion into love, and love into eternity.

I have fallen in love with so many ideas. Believe me when I say that the end of the day, there will always, always be longing—a certain longing for a certain someone, a hopeless longing for that abstract concept in your head to finally come true, a longing that consumes you and keeps you awake at night.

It is a longing that eats your soul away, bit by bit. It is a longing for a human, someone who can make you feel the warmth that only love can give. It is a longing that will make you wonder why on earth you settle for the idea and not the real thing.

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