what i did wrong

A list of the possible things I did wrong for the past semester:

  • I’m failing all my major and (I really hope not) minor subjects
  • I’ve seemed to care less and less about what happens to my grades and to the other aspects of my life, in general
  • I’m merely breezing through things
  • I’ve lost my self-control somewhere along the way
  • I’ve lost motivation, inspiration, determination, and conviction (so many tion’s)
  • I keep searching for things that I have no certainty in finding
  • I set my eyes too far into the future, so much so that I’ve forgot to look at the present
  • I’ve concerned myself with matters of the past–things I cannot fix, relationships I cannot mend, and people I cannot have
  • I’ve so many things I want to do that I’ve forgotten the things I actually should be doing
  • I am living high up in the clouds created by my imaginings
  • I’ve lost myself in my imagination and my escapisms
  • etc
  • etc

And a list of the things I can do now to fix them:

  • Stop freaking out over things
  • Stop overthinking
  • Start prioritizing
  • Re-organize my priorities
  • Don’t delay
  • No fear, No surprise, No hesitation, No doubt
  • Start doing something now
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and to stumble every now and then
  • Pick myself up now and wake up
  • Realize that life is not all flowers and sweet things
  • Keep moving forward
  • Accept what is done is done and move on

To those who are broken and lost, we can do this.


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