Image(c) To Write Love On Her Arms

Today is the second day of October, can you believe it? Here I am still unable to grasp the fact that an entire month (i.e. September) has gone by in a blink of an eye. And just like that, we are around two months closer to Christmas and to the end of another year.

This fact bothers me though because I feel like I’ve wasted thirty-one days of my life just inhaling & exhaling, fumbling my way through life like a blind man would if you take away his walking stick.

That’s why when I saw this post on the TWLOHA Facebook page, I realized it was a wake up call for me to start doing something worthwhile.

It’s never too late for new beginnings, so start now.
Now, today, at this very moment, at this very second.
Take a deep breath, strengthen your resolve, and start!

What I plan to do after this:

  • Study
  • Study
  • Study
  • Study
  • Go offline on all social networks
  • Study
  • Study
  • Get serious

PS: if you are curious, I’m currently failing all my majors and I’m hanging on a thread at the moment. If I do slip, I’d have lost my double-degree and maybe my dignity as well. (more on this on the next post?)



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