hit & miss

Feeling a bit nostalgic today, not to mention extremely sentimental and out of sorts

There are just those days when every emotion you’ve tried to suppress hits you like a big tidal wave and you’re left there standing, gaping, and gasping, not knowing what hit you and how you managed not to see it coming. Today is a day like so. I don’t know why exactly I’m writing this because these things are years old. I’m over it, I’m done, but somehow reliving and remembering them is quite an experience in itself.

Maybe I’m writing these for other people. For those out there who feel but cannot express, who love but cannot experience. If you’re that person, well this is for you.

Things I miss:

  • bear hugs
  • normal hugs
  • long hugs
  • kisses on the cheek
  • how you always seem to smell so nice
  • your hands
  • your fingers
  • your hair
  • our jokes
  • our inside jokes
  • you

It was a hit and miss for us, wasn’t it?


2 thoughts on “hit & miss

  1. This seem to be the perfect post for what I’m feeling. Thank you. I have been so emotional. My family has been here and it’s been incredible… Yet something is missing. Maybe it’s menstral who knows, but it seems anything I do in the last couple hours I can’t shake the feeling. So thankyou for posting this. Really gave me a chance to actually relax and reflect. Xo

    1. Hello Chloe, you’re very welcome & thank you too! I understand how you’re feeling, because I’ve been extremely emotional for the past few days too. There are times when the memories I’ve tried to forget resurface all of a sudden (just like what happened this morning, hence the post) and then they disappear just as quickly. I’m glad this post helped you the way it did! :)

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