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Twas a normal morning
The sun was awake
And so was the world
But only barely
For sleep is a demon
In bed
It keeps you there
For as long as it could
For more than you should

I stood there waiting
For how    l   o    n    g
I don’t remember
But I do recall, stepping
On that jeepney
I dreaded that ride
Hell’s breath came from inside
And space was a scarce
Commodity, not
Meant for me
But then time
S   l   o   w    e    d
D      o       w       n

There you were,
My favorite stranger
It was only by
Backward glance
That I saw you
But it was Enough
Because I only needed to
See this stranger once
To know who he was

The universe was
In my favor
That I shall see
One such as you
Our stars were aligned
Weren’t they
Though we can not
See them in the
Blue skies ahead

Twas only sixty minutes
But it was Enough
And you were enough
My day was made
Oh how I wish
The days to come would
Bring forth the same skies,
The same stars,
The same knots of that red string they call
so I may once again see



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