from last night.

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Today is the last day my resolve will weaken this way.
There will be no room for excuses,
no crack for second chances, no nothing.
I will enter into the place long forgotten–and will remain there
until I have regained control of what I’ve lost.

Too many days,
too long nights have I let
to pass for me to gorge and revel in the
temptations and vices. I have filled myself
to the brim, and sometimes even to the point where I cannot
take more.

Gluttonous was I, and greedy too.
Proud and envious, at the same
time, never looking past the now. I’ve disregarded
the many efforts I’ve made with
and tears months ago.

But there is none to blame but me.

I have loosened the chains that tied the beast down. I have turned a blind eye as it ran amok, leaving chaos
in its wake.
I am the beast, but I am its hunter too. I will put it
down, and lock it for good this time.

There is no room for any mistakes.
Abstinence is key, not moderation for a
like me
who consumes
everything: it    is    the    only    way.



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