Ginger Queen

Karen Gillan. Amy Pond. Doctor Who. Come along, Pond.

There are a lot of reasons why I admire Karen Gillan so much. Besides, the obvious fact that she portrayed the character of Amy Pond–one of the Eleventh Doctor’s companions (my favorite companion too, if I may share)–her personal style is absolutely fascinating. Personally, she is my style icon when it comes to hipster fashion. She brushes off the idea of style trends and instead, prefers to stick to her own. You can also add the fact that she pulls this off effortlessly and perfectly! Just browse through this gallery I’ve compiled, and you’ll see why I admire her the way I do. ;)

All hail the Ginger Queen!

aa ab ac ad b c d e f ga gb "Dr. Who" - Press Line - Comic-Con International 2012 i j k l Karen Gillan mb n o p q r s ta tb u va vb vc wa wb wc xa xb y z z1

Reggie xx


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