On the Spotlight: PANTS

Happy Tuesday, folks! :-)

As promised here is Part I of X (1 of 10) and for this post, I’m featuring one of the most important, versatile, and classic piece everpantsI’m certain you will all agree when I say that a classic pair of pants will never let you down. Now that they come in almost all colors, styles, sizes, and cuts, it’s close to impossible not to find the perfect pair for whichever occasion. A pair of pants is one of the best weapons in our fashion arsenal because it’s completely flexible and fits seamlessly into our day-to-night transformations!

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I’ve always been a “pair of pants” type of girl and it’s only been recently that I’ve found myself wearing skirts or dresses when I go out. I love my jeans, and for a reason too! They’ve never let me down, and I mean never. Plus, a great pair goes well with just about anything really. You can pair it with a dressy top, a classic blouse, an androgynous polo, cashmere sweaters, tank tops, even turtlenecks and you can count on the fact that you will look absolutely amazing. Also, a pair of pants doesn’t choose what type of footwear you use–be it stilettos, pumps, boots, wedges, ballet flats, Birkenstock sandals, rubber shoes, sneakers, and even Uggs!

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At this point, now that I’ve stressed its importance, let’s move on to how exactly we go about choosing which type, style, and cut to buy when we’re on the hunt for that perfect pair of pants.

tricia-g streetstyleaus104 streetstyle9846-web streetstyle9843-web streetstyle9822-web
We all come in a variety of shapes and sizes, that’s why it’s an imperative that we understand our body shape and which pair of pants we should go for whenever we’re on that hunt for the best pair. I’ve done some research, and apparently, most body types can be aggregated and grouped into FIVE GENERIC TYPES:

  1. Petite
  2. Tall / Long and Lean 
  3. Curvy
  4. Boy-shaped
  5. Plus Size

The key here is to dress for your body shape, essentially to wear clothes that bring out your best curves and your figure! ;-)

streetstyle9819-web streetstyle9725-web streetstyle9670-web streetstyle9661-web streetstyle9635-web streetstyle9428-web streetstyle9372-web

“You want something that flatters, but that also camouflages flaws and adds versatility to your wardrobe.” (SheKnows)

streetstyle9140-webstreetstyle8993-web streetstyle8739-web streetstyle8419-web

If you’re petite. Finding pants that fit when you’re petite isn’t easy. You want to avoid a look that overwhelms, and you also want to find something proportionate to your smaller shape. One of the best options out there for anyone with a shorter stature is super-skinny jeans or cords because they give the illusion of more height. Go for a colored pair to give yourself even more of a long and lean look.

streetstyle8364-web streetstyle8317-web

If you’re petite…

  • go for super-skinny style that lend the illusion of more height
  • bold colors = instant growth spurt
  • cargos are nice if they’re not too baggy
  • wear your tailored trousers long

streetstyle8157-web streetstyle7913-web streetstyle7831-web streetstyle7783-web streetstyle7579-web streetstyle7304-web streetstyle7220-web

If you’re long and lean. Long legs? Straight leg pants are great for legs that go on for miles. You can also get away with boot cut styles that highlight the length of your legs (a great asset), but just remember to make sure the hem of your pants falls to the bottom of your heel. Look for brands that make a 36” inseam for a perfect fit.

streetstyle7032-web streetstyle6724-web

If you’re tall…

  • go for prints and colors on top, and feel free to roll up hems
  • straight-legs are perfect in longer inseams
  • gentle flares are your menswear go-to cut
  • soft, simple contours always look great

streetstyle6505 streetstyle6493 streetstyle6346-web streetstyle6113 streetstyle6107-web streetstyle6058

If you’re boy shaped. Being lean and minus any curves means you need pants that give the illusion of shape. One of the best ways to do that is with styles that have a nipped waist. High-waisted looks also work well with a tucked in button-up blouse or fitted tank under a cropped jacket.

streetstyle6044 streetstyle5109

If you’re boy-shaped…

  • go for pants with a nipped waist
  • sporty drawstrings are your secret weapon
  • slouchy pairs work with tucked-in tops
  • a slender high-waisted style gives you shape

streetstyle5071streetstyle3548 streetstyle2986 streetstyle2740 streetstyle2460 streetstyle2029 streetstyle693

If you’re curvy. An hourglass shape needs a pair of pants that will accentuate a smaller waist but has some give through the hips and thighs to balance out your curves. A pair of wide-leg tailored trousers with a slight flare through the leg is a stylish yet comfortable choice, while flared jeans can balance curvy hips.

Joanna172-web Beegee29-web AC86-web 301552 299926 299925 298863

If you’re plus size. Go for a wide leg hem to balance you out. Creases and vertical stripes will create a long, lean look and give the illusion of a more streamlined shape. A pair of flat-front tailored wide leg trousers is also flattering on a plus size shape.

13 8

If you’re plus size…

  • go for a wide-leg hem to balance you out
  • creases make you long and lean
  • slim vertical stripes
  • unfussy khakis take you anywhere


Credits: Glamour

Reggie xx


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