Everything was beautiful

Free days are free days, whether they be the result of national holidays, non-working holidays, celebrations, or even weather-brought class suspensions. And what’s a girl to do with her free time? Well, blog of course! ;-)

Because I’ve been endowed with such free time, there comes the responsibility to use it well. That’s why, I’m preparing a series of blog posts that will surely satisfy your ootd-tastes!


I’m extremely pleased to say, though, that as of this afternoon (12:21pm), I already have TEN folders in my fashion arsenal. Hurrah! A little background on these folders, yea?

  • Focused. I’ve filled them with photos I’ve gathered from all over the internet that have one focal point (i.e. pants, skirts, blazers, tops, etc) to make your ootd-browsing easier and quicker!
  • Varied. What’s more important than variety? Fashion is about standing out and that’s exactly what I’m going to give you. Here are pictures with pants of every shade, blazers of every style, skirts of every cut, and tops of every kind. Let’s go!
  • Updated. Don’t worry, folks! Just because I’ve published the post, doesn’t mean my blogging responsibility ends there. I promise to update as much as I can and as soon as I can whenever I see new photos related to such post!

Wait for it xx

PS: The first one is coming up very soon! I’m almost done! <3

Reggie xx


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