Take heart.

I’m not entirely certain but something tells me I’m undergoing a midlife crisis. Is it possible at nineteen years of age? Hmm I’ll get back to you on that. I even took to researching as to what exactly a midlife crisis means. Google defines it as “an emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early middle age”. Well that definition sure helped clear things a lot, eh? Although by the look of things, I’m quite confident in saying that I’ve qualified for 2 out of the 3 specifications of a midlife crisis. But does 19 years qualify as ‘early middle age’? Because if it does, then by God, I’m having one right now.

That was a pretty good introduction for a first post, don’t you think? Kidding aside though, I do still think I’m on having an acute midlife crisis. More on that (and why exactly I think so) in future posts but for now, I want to welcome myself into the world of WordPress and of blogging, really. I remember, vaguely though, how I’ve had quite a number of tries with this blogging thing. If I’m not mistaken, this is my seventh try. My first, second, and third try occurred a couple of years ago, back when puberty was still the thing. My sixth try can be found here (God, I love Tumblr) and it is also what I consider my true love in blogging. But take heart, WordPress, I’m pretty sure I have room for one more try. Besides, isn’t 7 the magic number? So have no fear. I’ve decided to give in to this seventh try because I want to write, to post pictures, to keep a journal… essentially, I want to blog. I haven’t had a chance to do this and it’s never too late to start, anyway. Here I am on my pseudo-midlife crisis (at 19!) and I want to turn over a new leaf. I want a clean slate, and I’m getting myself exactly that.

To start things, let me post a picture.

(L-R) Me, Hillary, Gaby, Irvette
(L-R) Me, Hillary, Gaby, Irvette

Next, check out my About page to get to know me a bit.

How about another picture?


If you’re tired of seeing my face, how about a quick summary of what exactly this blog will be about? :-)

  • Aesthetically pleasing photos
  • Sassy blog posts
  • Prose & poetry (a mixture of my work and of those poets I greatly admire)
  • Opinions on books
  • Some rants here and there (hey this is partly a personal blog, after all but I will try to keep them at a minimum)
  • In essence, anything and everything that catches the connoisseur and aesthetic’s eye.

Take heart, brave one.

Reggie xx


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